So, basically this is a quick little update on what i will mainly be writing about.

1. Reactions ( This will be my reactions to what happened in the episode that ive watched on Thursday night, because thats when the vampire diaries come on.)

2. Rants…..( this is when i will be talking about the ridiculousness that goes on in that show because sometimes….it just makes zero sense.)

3.Edits (of my favorite characters, my ships Couples)

4.  Show Updates ( I will be posting spoilers and things like that, if you dont watch the show and want to watch it, sorry. If you dont watch the show then, read on.

5. Videos (self explanatory)

6. Comics (self explanatory)

7. Funny quotes (self explanatory)

8. Picture/ themes (self explanatory)

9. Random posts (self explanatory)